Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette!


No need to wipe your screen, it’s true. The Urban Decay 3 Palette is here!

This palette originally wasn’t suppose to hit the market until January, but ever since its early realise its been a mad rush for people to get their hands on one.

Apparantly, as I’m informed the early release date was due to leaks by international bloggers. So, you can thank all those lovely French beauty bloggers for this early gift. I’m actually glad the brand pivoted on their original plan and launched early. It’s a smart business move to capitalize on the current frenzy.

The description on the Urban Decay site says this rosy neutral collection features 12 brand-new shades in matte, pearl, and metallic. It also comes with a new double-ended shadow/blending brush and a sample of Primer Potion.

Honestly, I didn’t know anything about a third Naked palette until this morning and so I just wanted to share the news with all the other late folks like me.

So, are you planning to get it?

This would be one of the best stocking stuffers ever!

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, $52, available at Urban Decay.

The palette will be available in stores such as Sephora, Macy’s, Nordstrom etc. in December.

Bye, I’ll talk  to you in the next post.


Beauty Box For Nail Art Lovers

Browsing through the inter-webs I came across ‘Nail Art Society‘, a beauty box for nail art lovers.


What is Nail Art Society?

For those nail art fanatics out there, you guys like trying out new nail trends right? Well, Nail Art Society (NAS) makes it easier for you to do that. Going out and buying the tools, polishes and nail accessories at the sight of a new trend can be costly, but as a subscriber to NAS they’d provide you with these things every month for $11.95 plus S+H.

What they say you can expect?

Once you’re a subscriber you can expect your package to be delivered in the middle of every month. There’ll be professional tools, polishes and nail accessories accompanied with step-by-step How-Tos on how to create a particular look.

One of the this that NAS is sating is this:

Of all the nail tutorials you see on the internet, how far can the tutorials go if you don’t have the tools to create them?

They want to provide you with what you need.

NAS is apparently has been back in business since September since taking a break earlier this year to sort some things out sadly though, this service is only available in the US. Poo, I would’ve liked to have tried it.

What do you think of this ‘beauty box’?

Have you every heard of a nail art dedicated beauty box?

Talk to you in the next post


*Just a disclaimer, I wasn’t paid or encouraged to post about NAS. I just wanted to share a new find with you guys.