#TheWinterProject – Favourite Winter Scents


Hey everyone, it’s now week 3 of #TheWinterProject and that means it’s time for my favourite winter scents.



The smells of citrus and tea really get me in the winter mood and I know that if you read my October Favourites post here, you’d remember how I was (kinda) obsessing over the smell of this St. Ives Exfoliating Scrub. It’s a green tea scrub that smells vividly of tea with a hint of citrus to it and if I could smell it all day then I probably would . . . but then I’d probably get a headache.

Finally, the replenishing conditioner from my last haul post,here. This conditioner has a fresh citrus scent to it and I just love smelling it when I use it.

And these are my favourites scents that remind me of winter.

What scents remind you of winter?

Do these?

Bye, I’ll talk to you all in the next post.