Sunday Nails – Nude Barbie

Today, I’ll be starting a new feature on my blog called ‘Sunday Nails’, where every Sunday I’ll be posting my fave and new nail looks. I hope you guys enjoy this feature.

Nude Barbie


I love accent nails, they’re so creative and there are just so many ways that you can do them. I named this look Nude Barbie because, the base is all just a nude colour with bright pink accents – that happen to remind me of Barbie.


For the pink accents I used the L.A Girls Black Light Nail Polish Disco Brites in the shade ‘Rock n Roll’. The application of this polish was very easy and it’s one of my favourites, colour and application wise. I’ve had it for a while and with it being a black light nail polish you can expect to see something really interesting if you have a black light handy.


This polish is from L.A Colors, I can’t be sure what shade it is as this is quite an old bottle of polish to the point where some letters are no longer there, as you can see in the picture above. In person, I can tell you that this polish is more like a sheer pink that you can only see at an angle, but in pictures it comes across as nude. But, I like it either way regardless.

I hope that you guys like this nail look and I’ll talk to you guys in the next post.




  • You can check out L.A Girls Cosmetics here.

MINI HAUL | November 2013

HAUL 1113(VRO)

This is my first ‘Haul’ post you guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping, I haven’t told you guys this yet but  I’m actually in my last year of high school and the pressure is on, but it was about time that I restocked my hair products and so on Saturday I went shopping and got a little extra along the way.

I just bought some of the products that I usually get for my hair as ‘Organic Root Stimulator’ is one of my favourite hair brands. The products really help with my dry hair and breakage. I got a mousse, jojoba oil scalp moisturiser, a hair moisturiser and a conditioner that came with a shampoo sample.

I also got a nail polish from ‘GLAM’. When I saw the colour I couldn’t resist. The colour is actually very similar to one that I had in my ‘Winter Nails’ post from a few days ago and I’m not going to lie, as soon as I got home I just had to put it on!  It has a good formula though it could’ve been better. If you put on multiple coats at a time without giving each coat time to dry completely, you’re gonna have hell in getting it to dry after making that mistake.

Last is the makeup bag, I’ve been meaning to get a new one for a while now. The on I had before was one of those flat ones and it was a bit too small for what I wanted to put in it. This one though is not too big, but it has plenty of space and it even has slots inside to hold makeup brushes. I’d prefer it if it didn’t have the handle at the top but oh well.

Now to go do the work that I’ve been putting off! 😦

Bye you guys, talk to you in the next post.


Beauty Box For Nail Art Lovers

Browsing through the inter-webs I came across ‘Nail Art Society‘, a beauty box for nail art lovers.


What is Nail Art Society?

For those nail art fanatics out there, you guys like trying out new nail trends right? Well, Nail Art Society (NAS) makes it easier for you to do that. Going out and buying the tools, polishes and nail accessories at the sight of a new trend can be costly, but as a subscriber to NAS they’d provide you with these things every month for $11.95 plus S+H.

What they say you can expect?

Once you’re a subscriber you can expect your package to be delivered in the middle of every month. There’ll be professional tools, polishes and nail accessories accompanied with step-by-step How-Tos on how to create a particular look.

One of the this that NAS is sating is this:

Of all the nail tutorials you see on the internet, how far can the tutorials go if you don’t have the tools to create them?

They want to provide you with what you need.

NAS is apparently has been back in business since September since taking a break earlier this year to sort some things out sadly though, this service is only available in the US. Poo, I would’ve liked to have tried it.

What do you think of this ‘beauty box’?

Have you every heard of a nail art dedicated beauty box?

Talk to you in the next post


*Just a disclaimer, I wasn’t paid or encouraged to post about NAS. I just wanted to share a new find with you guys.


Pisces Beauty

Pisces Beauty

Clarins eyeliner
$35 –

LORAC blush

Benefit mascara
$31 –