Life Update | Final Exams and the Easter Weekend

Hey everyone!

It really has been a week since my last post, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. My final exams are coming up and I really need to put in time to study. I’m not giving up blogging but my posting just wont be as frequent – especially when the exams get started (May to mid-June). But I really want to get good grades, so even though I really enjoy blogging and sharing with you guys, I can’t have it at the fore front of my mind at the moment. These grades are going to follow me when I leave school and are going to make an impact when I apply for university/ a job, so I really need to make this count.

I hope that you all can understand that.

With that said, I can’t wait for exams to be over and for summer vacation to come! I haven’t had a single vacation since last summer. Let me explain why; since this is my last year in high school, school has gone into high gear and teachers have been having classes on weekends and during Christmas vacation and during this spring break as well. I hardly consider Saturday part of the weekend any more, all I have is Sunday.

And recently I’ve been studying for my Spanish Oral exam which on this coming Tuesday.

But we’ll see how things go and I’ll tell you guys my results if you want!

Anyway though, it’s the Easter weekend. How’s it been going for you guys so far?

I went off to the beach today with family, it’s so sunny and windy here right now. Perfect weather for kite flying!

So bye for now, this was a post that I’ve been meaning to right for a while and this was a great time to do it. I hope you guys have enjoyed your day, and I hope that you all enjoy the weekend.





The Last Day of 2013 and New Years Resolutions


It’s the last day of the year, the last year of 2013 and around this time people have already come up with their New Years resolutions. I have. Have you?

My New Years resolutions mostly centre around my school work and my blog. As some of you may know – I think I said this once before – this is my last year in high school and so I’ll have my final exams at the end of the school year in 2014 and so I really need to focus on that, I’ll have a whole lot to be doing in May and June, so I’ll probably be absent a lot during those two months. Also, my blog was just started a few months ago and I’m still getting into the swing of things in the blogger-verse and I want to make an effort to make my blog better. Improve on things.

I want to start doing more makeup tutorials and reviews and so on this as well as more OOTDs. So those two things are my focus, but please understand that right now my school will be taking more of a leading role for me.

So in summary, my New Years resolutions are:

  • To study for my finals
  • Finish homework and assignments on time
  • Practice for my practical exams
  • Do more product reviews
  • Do some makeup tutorials
  • Do more OOTDs
  • Share more of my style and styling tips with you guys
  • To have fun doing it all

After the exams are finished I’ll be sure to share my results with you guys, if you want.

Bye everyone and I’ll talk to you in the next post!