MINI HAUL | November 2013

HAUL 1113(VRO)

This is my first ‘Haul’ post you guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping, I haven’t told you guys this yet but  I’m actually in my last year of high school and the pressure is on, but it was about time that I restocked my hair products and so on Saturday I went shopping and got a little extra along the way.

I just bought some of the products that I usually get for my hair as ‘Organic Root Stimulator’ is one of my favourite hair brands. The products really help with my dry hair and breakage. I got a mousse, jojoba oil scalp moisturiser, a hair moisturiser and a conditioner that came with a shampoo sample.

I also got a nail polish from ‘GLAM’. When I saw the colour I couldn’t resist. The colour is actually very similar to one that I had in my ‘Winter Nails’ post from a few days ago and I’m not going to lie, as soon as I got home I just had to put it on!  It has a good formula though it could’ve been better. If you put on multiple coats at a time without giving each coat time to dry completely, you’re gonna have hell in getting it to dry after making that mistake.

Last is the makeup bag, I’ve been meaning to get a new one for a while now. The on I had before was one of those flat ones and it was a bit too small for what I wanted to put in it. This one though is not too big, but it has plenty of space and it even has slots inside to hold makeup brushes. I’d prefer it if it didn’t have the handle at the top but oh well.

Now to go do the work that I’ve been putting off! 😦

Bye you guys, talk to you in the next post.


Monthly Favourites | October 2013

This is my first ‘Favourites’ post, so here we go.



KleanColor ‘Double Rainbow Splendor – Realism’ Palette

This palette comes with 10 neutral shimmery eyeshadow shades and 2 different coloured blushes. I don’t use the blushes in this palette as I’m not really a blush wearer, but they are two good shades as far as blush go.

Don’t let the varying shades of the eyeshadow fool you, not matter how dark some of them may look they all look like varying shades of a highlighter when applied and so that’s what I use them for – to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.

All the colours are easy to apply and last a good while throughout the day!

You can get the exact same palette here.

Degree ‘Motion Sense’

I think that the ‘Motion Sense’ collection is the newest line in Degree deodorants. To me it has a typical deodorant smell but it’s been really keeping me fresh since I started using it and at full size it lasts a pretty long time. It claimed to go on invisible and that’s so true – if you don’t over apply that is. Overall it’s one of the best deodorants I’ve used so far.

CoverGirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara

This mascara is outrageously defining and can keep a curl. It lasts a really long time and it’s waterproof, so no smudging after it’s dry! When it comes to mascara this one really gets the job done – and done right.

I wrote a more in depth review on this product in an earlier post here if you want to check it out.

St. Ives ‘Blemish Control Green Tea Scrub’

First of all I just have to comment on the smell of this. It smells so naturally refreshing. When I first used this I expected it to smell all chemical-y and what not, it didn’t in the slightest. It smells kind of like fresh lemon grass.

Any ways, let me stop obsessing over the smell and actually tell you about how well it works. The formula is a little grainy as this is a scrub so you get some exfoliating action there. It’s dermatologists tested, paraben-free and made 100% naturally derived exfoliants.

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t use it regularly because sometimes I just forget, but when I do use it my skin feels really smooth after and my face has been breakout free all month. I’d definitely repurchase another one once this one is finished.

White Rain ‘Sensations Energizing Citrus’ Hydrating Conditioner

Truth be told my hair can be very dry at times and it’s really thick and that can be a problem. Many combs have perished at the hands of my hair and this conditioner has contributed a lot to my efforts to get my hair hydrated and more manageable.

My hair feels silky with it on and after I rinse and let my hair air dry in some curlers it still feels awesome.

Hair Dryer: ELEVATE by Andis

I’m not really a fan of hair dryers or heat styling in general as my hair has quite a bit of issues with dryness all its own with out the added factor of a hair dryer etc. so  I usually just avoid hair dryers most times, but this one I like. It’s my sister’s by the way.

It’s really powerful and it has a setting to make warm air come out instead of hot air. There’s also a setting for the use of cold air as well, I prefer this setting over the hot and warm ones.

Not Favourite:

White Rain ‘Sensations Energizing Citrus’ Hydrating Shampoo

Unlike its conditioning counterpart this shampoo is very drying and strips my hair of not only dirt but some of the oils that my hair really needs. This is just a product that I wouldn’t buy again.

Have you ever used any of them before?

What do you think of the products?

I’ll talk to you lovely people later,