The 2014 Blogger Challenge


Hey you guys.

Some of you have probably already heard of blogger challenges and they usually only last a couple weeks. Well the 2014 Blogger Challenge is a bit different. It lasts a whole year! For the upcoming year of 2014, literally hundreds of bloggers of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mom life etc. will be participating in this.

We’ll be posting in the 1st and 3rd weeks of every month from the prompts that will be e-mailed to us.

Are you a blogger interested in this challenge? Then all you have to do is e-mail Gaby from the blog Another Girly Blog at: ( with you your name, e-mail address and you blog URL. You have to act fast though, sign up ends on the 9th of December. You can get more information about the challenge here.

I hope that as many of you as possible will participate in this challenge.

Bye all, I’ll talk to you guys in the next post.



#TheWinterProject – Christmas Present Ideas


This week it’s week 4 and this post will be about Christmas gift ideas for men and women and since I don’t really post anything about guys, let’s do their section first shall we.

For the boys

If you’re like me you find it very hard to find gifts for guys when you’re so caught up in the world of girl. Am I right? Well, for you all I’ve come up with a few gift ideas for the guys.


Grooming Kit 

We all need to look our best right? And so how can you go wrong with a grooming kit. This grooming kit, seen above, from Sephora comes complete with a nail file, nail clippers, a lint pad, small scissors and . . . a cork screw? This one is in a good travel size, but you can get any other grooming kit that you wish.


Some guys like cologne, and so if the guy you’re shopping for likes it why not get him some? You could get him a fragrance set like the one above or maybe just something similar.

Silly T-Shirt

Have a bit of fun and get them a T-Shirt with a silly caption, this ‘Sorry Girls, This Guy Is Taken’ Tee is a good example. You could even have a shirt custom printed with anything you want, maybe even with something they say a lot. It’s 21 days before Christmas so there’s still time.


Who says guys don’t like jewellery? The necklace is a Harry Potter Dark Mark Necklace, so if you have any Harry Potter Fans or just jewellery lovers in general then this piece would be a good gift for them.

Guy Kit

A guy kit comes filled with goodies for boys, for example ‘The Man Can’ in the picture above has some great things for guys.

Sea Salt Soap

You could always give something unusual, I mean who’s ever heard of sea salt soap? Or, of course, you could always think of something else unusual to give a little spice to your Christmas gifts this year.

Teddy Bear

Teddy bear. Why? Why not? What would be better than to see that look on his face when he unwraps a teddy!?! Priceless! Give a try and tell me the reaction in the comments of this post later. We can make a game of it.

*Bonus – You could always bake something as little something something extra with the presents.

For the girls

Now onto the girls.


Friendship Bracelet

Get one for her and you (or maybe for her and her friend if you’re her mom, or, uncle . . . or something). Friendship bracelets mean a lot and would make a great Christmas present. Get a design that would suit both wearers.

Makeup Sample Set

Are you shopping for someone who has just starting to try out makeup or someone who likes trying new makeup products? If so, then this SmashBox Try It Kit would be great for them. It would give them the chance to try out a variety of products without your wallet having to suffer.

Travel Brush Set

This is good for girls that travel or those who just like to have a makeup touch-up here and there when they’re not a home. This set is travel friendly as it is travel size and so wouldn’t take up much space in a purse or suitcase.


Have a girly girl or a perfume lover on your hands? Then get them ‘Dot’, a highly raved  Marc Jacobs perfume.

Makeup Bag

I know I don’t like using the same makeup bag over and over again, so add to her makeup bag collection. Get a makeup bag design that embodies her personality – there are just so many to choose from. You can check some out here or here.


Handbags can be really expensive, but the one above is a real steal as it looks so great for such a reasonable price. But, if you want to splurge on a handbag this season go ahead. In the end it’s all about what you feel comfortable with.

So these are all the gift ideas that I came up with for guys and girls. What do you think?

Which ones would you get or would like to receive?

Later everyone, I’ll talk to you in the next post.


MINI HAUL | November 2013

HAUL 1113(VRO)

This is my first ‘Haul’ post you guys!

It’s been a while since I’ve been shopping, I haven’t told you guys this yet but  I’m actually in my last year of high school and the pressure is on, but it was about time that I restocked my hair products and so on Saturday I went shopping and got a little extra along the way.

I just bought some of the products that I usually get for my hair as ‘Organic Root Stimulator’ is one of my favourite hair brands. The products really help with my dry hair and breakage. I got a mousse, jojoba oil scalp moisturiser, a hair moisturiser and a conditioner that came with a shampoo sample.

I also got a nail polish from ‘GLAM’. When I saw the colour I couldn’t resist. The colour is actually very similar to one that I had in my ‘Winter Nails’ post from a few days ago and I’m not going to lie, as soon as I got home I just had to put it on!  It has a good formula though it could’ve been better. If you put on multiple coats at a time without giving each coat time to dry completely, you’re gonna have hell in getting it to dry after making that mistake.

Last is the makeup bag, I’ve been meaning to get a new one for a while now. The on I had before was one of those flat ones and it was a bit too small for what I wanted to put in it. This one though is not too big, but it has plenty of space and it even has slots inside to hold makeup brushes. I’d prefer it if it didn’t have the handle at the top but oh well.

Now to go do the work that I’ve been putting off! 😦

Bye you guys, talk to you in the next post.


#TheWinterProject – Winter Nails

Hey guys!
This post is dedicated to my favourite winter nail colours – and to #TheWinterProject! If you haven’t heard of #TheWinterProject it’s basically where some other bloggers and I will be blogging about our winter and Christmas favourites, every Tuesday until December 24th. For Week 1 we’re blogging about our favourite nail polishes.
I’m not one for dark colours in winter. Whenever I think of winter – the snow, the cold temperatures – I think of light/pastel-y colours. Even though I don’t really wear polishes often, of all the shades I’ve used I’d have to say thought that my all time favourite nail polish for winter is the O.P.I – Hey Get In Lime:
Not only do I love the colour, but the name just puts a smile on my face. The wide brush really helps with the three stroke method, the formula is a great consistency which makes the application super easy and the colour lasts and lasts. I can usually go a couple of days without this polish chipping – it’s so durable. This polish looks a bit dark to be considered pastel, but I promise that it only looks that way inn this picture, it goes on quite light. I found a link for you guys to get this polish here.
What do you think of this nail colour? Would you get it?
I’ll talk to you guys in the next post!
*Yes, technically I know this post is a day late, but I just joined in on the party today. The other posts will be on time though, I promise.

Winter Nails


Essie nail polish

Nails Inc nail polish
$17 –

OPI nail polish
$18 –

OPI nail polish
$18 –


Beauty Box For Nail Art Lovers

Browsing through the inter-webs I came across ‘Nail Art Society‘, a beauty box for nail art lovers.


What is Nail Art Society?

For those nail art fanatics out there, you guys like trying out new nail trends right? Well, Nail Art Society (NAS) makes it easier for you to do that. Going out and buying the tools, polishes and nail accessories at the sight of a new trend can be costly, but as a subscriber to NAS they’d provide you with these things every month for $11.95 plus S+H.

What they say you can expect?

Once you’re a subscriber you can expect your package to be delivered in the middle of every month. There’ll be professional tools, polishes and nail accessories accompanied with step-by-step How-Tos on how to create a particular look.

One of the this that NAS is sating is this:

Of all the nail tutorials you see on the internet, how far can the tutorials go if you don’t have the tools to create them?

They want to provide you with what you need.

NAS is apparently has been back in business since September since taking a break earlier this year to sort some things out sadly though, this service is only available in the US. Poo, I would’ve liked to have tried it.

What do you think of this ‘beauty box’?

Have you every heard of a nail art dedicated beauty box?

Talk to you in the next post


*Just a disclaimer, I wasn’t paid or encouraged to post about NAS. I just wanted to share a new find with you guys.