Valentines Date Destination: The Amusement Park

Valentines Date Destination: The Amusement Park

White crop tee
$3.09 –

Black velvet skirt

Forever 21 wide brim fedora

2 thoughts on “Valentines Date Destination: The Amusement Park

  1. I would just like to say how much I love, love, LOVE the supergirl crop top combined with that black skirt? Imagining it with the shoes just makes it look like a complete killer. Just reading this one makes me feel perfectly happy enough to subscribe by email. Also, thank you for including where I can buy them! ❤ I am glad I found this blog through the guest post on Celia's blog.

    Check out my post on nails? Please?

    • I am definitely not lying when I say that this comment made my night. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and thanks a billion for subscribing. I really do love this outfit, killer indeed.

      I hope you enjoy the future posts and definitely going to check out your site!

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