#2014BloggerChallenge – Skincare (Winter)

This, the second post of the #2014BloggerChallenge, is all about winter skincare and taking extra special care of your skin during the winter is very important.

First off, it’s really important to start from within when it comes to skincare, so try drinking at least 8 cups of water daily – something that I’m guilty of not doing – and try not to overdo it with the processed foods.


As I live in a tropical area, winter doesn’t really hit hard for me but there’s still a bit of coldness. What I do really is, at night I put on a very thin, light layer of Vaseline on my face, and I wouldn’t have to worry about my face going dry during the night.

During the day I use a moisturising face cream, and reapply when I feel the effects of it fading. I don’t use any one product, I just get any really. For my lips, at night I put on a layer of Vaseline, but that doesn’t really last long on my lips. During the day I apply a moisturising lip balm and reapply as needed, or if I’m wearing lipstick I try to use a moisturising one.

And, for my overall skincare,  I just simply use a lotion with more moisturising qualities than I’d use any other time of the year. Basically, the key to winter skincare is just to try and keep your skin hydrated and moisturised.

And remember, work from the inside out.

#TheWinterProject - Day 4 of Christmas - My Winter Makeup Essentials

This section of the post is about makeup products that I’d use during the winter months.
First off, I chose the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream, because for winter I don’t really like using a lot of product and this BB cream is quite light on my face. Then, there’s the Smashbox Hydrating Primer and I use this so that the makeup that I do use stays all day and also because it’s hydrating which is an ideal feature for this season – but of course you apply your primer before your BB cream.
Next I’d use the NARS Radiant Creamy concealer to get rid of any bags that I’d have under my eyes. I’d apply a bit of eyeliner on my upper lash line and in my lower waterline and then finish off my eyes with a mascara like this CoverGirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara.
If I’d feel like wearing anything on my lips other than a balm then I’d go for a deep red lipstick that hydrates.
For me, my ideal winter makeup essentials would just be products that are light, easy to apply and keep my skin hydrated.
I hope you guys like this post. What would your winter makeup and skincare essentials and routines consist of? I’d really like to know.
I’ll talk to you guys in the next post.

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