Monday Craves #1

Monday Craves #1
Aww Real Techniques . . .
Hey everyone, it’s been a while hasn’t it?
I’ve been in the market for some makeup brushes lately, mine are crap and I need a serious upgrade. In the makeup community Real Techniques has really taken a stand and has stolen the hearts of many makeup lovers. I heard so much great things about them, their durability, silky smoothness . . . . The list just goes on with them. I’ve decided to give them a try and ordered some a little while ago. I can’t wait for them to get here!
I purchased the core collection and the starter set, the Limited Edition Sam’s Picks brushes were out of stock on the Real Techniques site were out of stock when I was shopping – poo – but still excited.
All though there are many reviews on Real Techniques brushes on the web already, I’ll be sure to give you guys a first impression review and an in depth one later one when I’ve been using them a while.
I’ll talk to you all in the next post!

Evening makeup

Dupioni silk curtain

Sia home decor
$9.83 –


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