#ThewinterProject – Day 11 of Christmas – OOTD







Hey all!

It’s day 11 of Christmas and, technically this was to be posted yesterday and then I would have been able to say it’s Christmas Eve, but hey it’s Christmas. This is the very last post of #TheWinterProject and it has been such an amazing 7 weeks to have been apart of this. I hope that along the ways you guys have enjoyed it.

So here’s today’s post, a Christmas Eve OOTD.


So that’s me and I’m wearing this black and blue dress that’s accessorized with a silver jaguar necklace and silver sandals and my hair was up in a bun, which you can’t see in this picture as it was really dark.

The night out was lots of fun . . . and this is looking like a really short post but I really don’t know what else to say right now. 

So there you have it my last #TheWinterProject post and my first OOTD.

Bye everyone, and I’ll talk to you guys in the next post.




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