Day 10 of Christmas – A Little Chit Chat


Tomorrow – which is in about an hour – is Christmas Eve. Now, there’s a little tradition in my family in which we leave all our Christmas shopping until the night before. Sounds absurdly stressful doesn’t it. Well, it’s not really. I’ve been doing a bit of scouting around downtown when I’ve had the chance – which isn’t much –  and so tonight, it’s on. I’ve been in need of a few beauty essential and I plan to use Christmas Eve as an excuse to splurge.


And, also I think I’ll pick up a bit of something something for you guys as well. Do I see a giveaway in the near future? Gasp! Are you excited?

Anyway wish me luck.

Christmas Eve here is kind of like a big event here, like a party that everyone’s invited to and so everyone gets all dressed up to go out. I’ll be doing a OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post later tomorrow so you guys can see what I’ll be wearing.

So this is it for day 10, WOW, this whole little blog series went by really quickly.

Bye babes, I’ll talk to you guys in the next post!




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