Day 3 of Christmas – Manzhilian Mascara | Full Review



So guys, it’s day 3 of Christmas and things are coming along quite nicely. Do you remember the first impression review I did of the Manzhilian mascara and how I promised to do a full review soon? Well, here it is.



Let me just start by saying that this mascara has been a total let down and a waste of money. One of my problems with this mascara is that it claims to be waterproof. Now, is it? Yes? Not even close. No matter how long you’ve had this mascara on your lashes, if you touch it, you’re sure to see black on your fingers. It washes off easily enough with a bit of soap and water.

Another thing, it’s quite clumpy. The clumps aren’t really noticeable – but they’re there, and isn’t that what really matters? 

If you were wearing this, I would suggest that you refrain from rubbing your eyes (something I usually do) as the formula flakes off under pressure (and could possibly go into your eye) – I would know.

It may seem like I’m being harsh but I’m just telling the honest truth. The only good thing that I can really say about this mascara, is that it does really define your lashes.

All in all, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone buy this because for all it’s chic and glam packaging, the formula isn’t worth the tube it’s sitting in.

Bye everyone, I’ll talk to you guys in the next post.



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