Review of: Manzhilian XL Densely Double – Tube Mascara

Review of: Manzhilian XL Densely Double – Tube Mascara

I got a new tube of mascara today and I want to do a first impression review for you all.


The mascara is the Manzhilian XL Densely Double-Tube Mascara and it claims to give lashes a lengthier look, thicker look. Now, I’d never heard of this brand before today but I was so excited to try it after I saw it, the packaging it so simple yet enticing.

I tried it and here are my thoughts:

The formula isn’t a that lengthening, to me it’s like any other mascara that I’ve used so far. It’s in the colour black and although it doesn’t do lengthening, it did a great job of highlighting and defining my lashes and my lashes did look thicker after I used it and it’s waterproof so the look will last through out the day – it has for most of it so far.

The tube is a bit long in person – 13.5 cm – and offers 8ml of product.

So far, I’m liking this mascara – the formula and the packaging, but this is only a first impression review. I’ll be sure to get back to you guys a bit later, after I’ve been able to get the full feel of this.

Are you liking the packaging as much as I am or more?

How were you guys liking Black Friday yesterday?

Bye you guys, I’ll talk to you in the next post.



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