#TheWinterProject – Winter Nails

Hey guys!
This post is dedicated to my favourite winter nail colours – and to #TheWinterProject! If you haven’t heard of #TheWinterProject it’s basically where some other bloggers and I will be blogging about our winter and Christmas favourites, every Tuesday until December 24th. For Week 1 we’re blogging about our favourite nail polishes.
I’m not one for dark colours in winter. Whenever I think of winter – the snow, the cold temperatures – I think of light/pastel-y colours. Even though I don’t really wear polishes often, of all the shades I’ve used I’d have to say thought that my all time favourite nail polish for winter is the O.P.I – Hey Get In Lime:
Not only do I love the colour, but the name just puts a smile on my face. The wide brush really helps with the three stroke method, the formula is a great consistency which makes the application super easy and the colour lasts and lasts. I can usually go a couple of days without this polish chipping – it’s so durable. This polish looks a bit dark to be considered pastel, but I promise that it only looks that way inn this picture, it goes on quite light. I found a link for you guys to get this polish here.
What do you think of this nail colour? Would you get it?
I’ll talk to you guys in the next post!
*Yes, technically I know this post is a day late, but I just joined in on the party today. The other posts will be on time though, I promise.

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