A New Makeup Brand (LiSi)

I discovered a new makeup brand today you guys!


I forgot how exactly I came across it but I was browsing the web and – poof – there it was. The brand is called LiSi Cosmetics and they sell affordable high end makeup products on their site.


I don’t know why but whenever I’m checking out a makeup brand I always check their foundation and brushes first. Their brushes from what I saw seem really great and the price range for them is very reachable to you budget beauties out there. Almost half of the brushes at LiSi are duos and so again there’s a really great price for them. The only downfall I can see online is that there are no brush sets available.

Foundation wise, they offer a wide colour range for every ethnicity which I really like. They liquid, powder and cream-to-powder foundations available. The liquid foundation is suitable for every skin type, it’s oil and wax free which would allow for breathable coverage. There cream-to-powder foundation claims to be smooth and never cakey and is suitable for all skin types. The pressed powder is only recommended for normal to oily skin types.

LiSi has a good range of lip liners, glosses and sticks and nail lacquers as well. They have brow pencils, gels and powder duos and pretty much any makeup product available on their site except lip stains, BB and CC creams.

I’m really eager to try out some of there products to give you guys a real view of the brand and their products and not just what the brand says about themselves, I mean if there mascara was crap they wouldn’t tell you that now would they? But I just wanted to share my discovery with you guys, maybe you’d never heard of them and bow you want to check out their products too?

LiSi has its store in Greenwich Village, New York.

Have you used LiSi products before?

What’s your view of the brand?

I’ll talk to you in the next post. Bye!




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