Autumn/Winter Tag!


This is a little bit outside my regular posting schedule, but, Beaute Amoureux  tagged me to do the Autumn/Winter Tag and so here it is . . .


1)      What’s your favourite autumn lipstick? That would have to be Prune in Fire by YSL.

2)      What’s your favourite autumn trend? Thick tights and ankle boots.

3)      What’s your favourite autumn candle? Any candle that’s a mix of Shea and Coconut.

4)      Do you have any autumn traditions? Do I? I do a kind of in-depth sort through of my room.

5)      What’s your favourite thing about autumn? The cold air that it brings, and since it’s been really hot here in Nevis lately, cold air is definitely welcome.

6)      What’s your favourite clothing item for autumn? Even though the air gets cold, it doesn’t get that cold and so I like wearing longer sleeved tops later in the day.

7)      Favourite autumn nail polish? My favourite autumn polish would have to be Maybelline New York Color Show Polka Dots in Drops of Jade.

8)      Favourite autumn beverage? A hot mug of lemon grass tea.

9)      Favourite autumn snack? Nuts! Nuts! Nuts!

10)   Which celebrity inspires you most in autumn? Kendall Jenner.

Who do I tag:





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