Store your makeup so it looks good!

I think that this blog post’ll be beneficial to those of us who have our things cluttered. Even though this is mainly for make-up, you can re-purpose it for your school/office supplies as well.

– Dani Shannon


beaute amoureux


It’s every girls dilemma, you have accumulated so much makeup over the years that you are struggling to store it in a practical and clever way. Products go off because you pack them away and forget about them. By being a little bit creative, you can store all your makeup in a way that makes it not only accessible, but actually looks good!

Makeup Brushes: 

Order your brushes, divide them into categories, FACE, EYES, LIPS. This makes it easier when searching for a brush. Keep an empty brush holder on the side to hold the dirty brushes, and once its full, do a wash.

Jars:  Make a great brush holder. Soak in hot water and peel off the labels. Fill with sand (or coffee beans) and stand the brushes upright.

Pencil Holders: Another great brush holder. Pick some up from your local Officeworks, Big W, Kmart, Target, Hot Dollar. They are…

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