My First Make-up Brush Set

“You always remember your first.”

– S D Morton

My First:

‘Make-up Brush Set’

Looking through my make-up collection I came across this – my first make up brush set.


I’ve experiment so many times with this brush set when I was first starting out with make-up. I failed, I flopped . . . but then I got the hang of it. I still use some of these brushes every once in awhile because they’re still great.


This is a powder brush, but, I must admit it’s terrible at applying powder to my face! However, it does an excellent job of applying my base shadows – quick and easy.


Before I got this set, I  hated foam make-up applicators with a passion. So when I saw that there was one in this, my first thought was something along the lines of, I’m not even going to touch you. Lately though, this applicator has been growing on me and I’m starting to change my mind about them. It’s what I use now when I really want my eyeshadow to show or when I want a nice solid line of shadow around my eyes or to smudge my coal eyeliner.


These two are the ones I usually use for my crease or the outer corner of my eye. Initially they apply shadow lightly, so it gives me a chance to build up the colour to the intensity that I want.


This eyebrow comb/brush is something that I hardly ever use. Maybe it’s just me but I find brushing or combing my eyebrows tedious. For me my eyebrows are pretty tame and this really just doesn’t do much for me at all, but I do pick it up every once in a while when it catches my eye – sometimes.


It has individual slots to keep the brushes in place when close, and when it’s open it holds the brushes upright. I don’t really use the mirror because it’s kind of in an awkward angle for use and I apply my make-up infront of the bathroom mirror anyway.

This set has really helped me to progress in my make-up application skills. I got it at a local beauty supply store here in Nevis for $8.95.

Thanks to my mom for getting it for me.

– Dani Shannon



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